Amak ezkondu ninduen



In the olden times, further back than the last century, it was quite customary for a mediator to intervene at the beginning of relationships between girls and boys. It was generally a friend or a relative who passed the message, but the figure of the matchmaker or person dedicated to set up arranged marriages is also well known. The help of a matchmaker was mostly required is special cases: if the future spouses were passed a certain age, if they suffered from a physical defect or deficiency, if they had a dubious reputation…

Many a time it was the parents who made arrangements for marriage without the consent of their sons and daughters. This occurred when the future spouses differed greatly in age or when one of them came from a wealthy family. Sometimes the potential spouses were chosen amongst uncles and nieces. Some assisted marriages might be a bit embarrassing and originated countless comments. This song is a good example.

Amak ezkondu ninduen