Laugh provoking songs

pinpi_0004_72Humourous passages are frequent in children’s and adults’ songs. There are countless ways of turning action or speech into a laughable episode. The most widespread method is to turn the condition and relationship between world’s creatures and the environment upside down, mundua hankaz gora, literally the world upside down, that is, we are presented with a new reality. This emergent state of affairs is not governed by conventional laws, and the listener faces a nearly surreal world of images. In this case the answer is a smile.

Another literary device often used to produce a comic effect is irony. Irony makes way for social criticism; the course of action of the inhabitants of a village, town or region is examined with extreme shrewdness exposing the flaws of individuals or groups of individuals mostly from a moral standpoint.

There are a good many examples of amusing songs in our lore, as they have customarily been filling elements of innumerable events and celebrations.