Alabatua, bedeinkatua

bideobuttom partituraButtom

18This Saint Agatha song is an older version. In it the references to the saint from Catania are more superficial. The core of the message is the praise of the household members (koplak or notak), and finally the asking of alms.

The age and role groups of a traditional society can be clearly distinguished: the head of the household, the housewife, the eldest son, the young daughter, the bachelor, the spinster, the children, the boys, the girls, any priest living in the house, and so forth.

A stanza is sung in praise of each of them, and choir boys finish with a carefully prepared final request: money, sausages, eggs…

This song, both lyrics and music, has been selected from the beautiful collection of songs gathered in the Gipuzkoan municipality of Ataun.

Alabatua, bedeinkatua
Ataun (Gipuzkoa)