Children’s songs

pinpi_0012_72Folklore maintains an intimate bond with human beings, men and women, during their passage through life. From birth to death, and at each step of the way, in the traditional world, there is always an event or a set of customs to explain our progress through life periods and age groups.

In our collection of songs, a complete and relevant section comprises childhood melodies and tunes. There is a wide range of children’s songs: bedtime songs, initiation songs (first words, first steps, clapping hands, counting, etc.), songs used in games…

A child is exposed to songs from the very moment of birth: first, the honey-sweet voice of the mother singing pleasant and soothing bedtime songs to induce the child to a sound sleep filled with good dreams; second, songs to draw the child’s attention or to arouse curiosity, inciting the baby to learn to move feet, hands and fingers to the beat of the tune. These are normally short and simple songs.

Later on, at the age of 3 or 4, the child learns songs to be used in games: riddles to pick game partners or make teams and songs performed during the game itself.

Playing and singing are part of children’s growing up process. They learn through play and songs…, but it is of no use if the lyrics and the music are forgotten!